Bud Pod™


The Bud Bar’s Bud Pod™ is a premium display that  showcases your products.

  • The unique design features a bud post, allowing you to float a bud in the perfect position for magnified viewing.
  • The aroma screen lets your customers sample the full fragrance of the strain without disturbing trichomes or violating any state-specific regulations.
  • The aroma plug is airtight and seals in freshness when the strain is not being sampled.
  • The Bud Pod™ comes equipped with a cardholder so you can display any relevant strain details.
  • Aroma Hole Area allows for a large movement of air exchange inside the container to obtain the strains full aroma.
  • Lens for microscopic viewing of trichomes
  • Bud Pods are designed for ‘Tether Ready’ use. Order the optional tether’s now…or later.
  • The seal can be customized with your LOGO. The seals lay flat around the circumference of the Pod for a clean appearance.
  • A Card Holder is built-in to the Bud Pod’s design. Place description cards back-to-back at the top of the container, allowing your Budtenders to have their own ‘cheat sheet’!
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Display Bud Pod™ with aroma plug. Square shaped, with card holder and clear base, perfect customer experience for viewing and smelling of the product.


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